India is home for billions of backward women, many of whom live in extreme poverty.

Leelavati, a social worker in Yerraguntla (a village in Kadapa District), noticed that the backward poor women spent their days begging on streets rather than.  So she decided that if the women couldn’t employed, she’d bring the self employment from the RDWWS to them.

In response to the growing and seemingly insurmountable challenges faced by these women, Diyya Leelavati, an experienced social worker, took the presidential charges of Rural Development Women Welfare Society in the year 2003.

RDWWS welfare programs is presently reaching out to several underprivileged women and their families. With trainers to guide them in maintaining self employment industries, the women are helped to develop hope for their future.

 Leelavati has to rely on charitable donations to raise the meagre funds for all programs that RDWWS now operates.

RDWWS maintains that every woman has the right to lead peaceful and respectable life. Through a diverse assortment of various Self Employment Schemes, RDWWS has dedicated itself to the ideal that…

If the woman cannot employed, then the RDWWS must trained and make them self employed.

Your generous contribution to RDWWS will be of tremendous help in our efforts to provide much needed help to poor women.

What is much more urgently required is regular support an on going basis  by socially aware organizations, businesses and compassionate individuals, to prevent any possible disruption to our various programs.

You can provide help & support in many ways:

Your invaluable sponsorship will allow us to continue helping underprivileged women.

  • Cash Contribution
  • Sponsorship
  • Volunteering


Cash Contributions:

Cash contributions are more welcome and urgently required. While they could help pay for the numerous incidental expenses which constantly occur in the management of any Social Service program, they would be most valuable in providing funds for the many one-time expenses such as purchase of a sewing machine, a computer or any such item or raw material for Self Employing a woman. Income tax exemption for your contributions under section 80(G)/12(A) of IT Act 1961.

If you would like to provide your support in this way, please send your information to or call us at +91-8563-275709 and our representatives will contact you immediately. Your help is greatly appreciated!


Every program has ongoing costs associated with it, like trainers’ salaries, support materials, raw materials, etc. Disruptions in funding inevitably result in the stoppage (sometimes permanent) of the program, with serious consequences for the women we are trying so hard to help.

A bequest or endowment from a company, foundation or trust would help us avoid such a catastrophe and would allow the programs to continue uninterrupted.

We would be happy to publicly recognize the contributions of our sponsors on our website.

If you would like to provide your support in this way, please send your information to or call us at +91-8563-275709 and our representatives will contact you immediately. Your support is vastly appreciated.



While it may not be possible for everyone to donate cash, we would welcome the assistance of anyone individuals or businesses, to provide us with their time and/or services depending on their resources and area of expertise.

Whether you are a teacher, a doctor, a nurse, an accounting firm, an entertainment company, an advertising firm or maybe just a caring individual who would like to spend time helping or training the women at our various facilities, your contribution would be truly appreciated.

To find out more about how you could contribute your time and/or services to this very worthwhile cause, please send your information to us through E-mail or by phone or by Post and our representatives will contact you immediately. Your help will be greatly appreciated!