Project Title : sustainable long term development of rural poor women groups through handicrafts making programme

Funding Agency :  Electricaid

Start Date: 25.8.2010

End Date: 30.09.2011

Project Location:

Country                  :        india

State                      :        andhra pradesh

Region                    :        rayalaseema

District                    :        kadapa

Villages                   :        5 villages

Brief Description of Project :

The project by its title is designed for the rural poor women who need empowerment both socially and economically, the literacy programme is to empower them socially and the skill development on handicrafts making is for the economic development. These programmes for the unfortunate women in the villages, as cited in the project report shall be liberated from the money lenders, bonded labour, child labour, ignorance and untouchability. The project through the funding agency and local contributions shall teach them life, earnings and savings.

Expected Benefits of Project:

The women who know only manual labour and agriculture shall learn the skills of making handicrafts. The women who know only know to borrow money and live in eternal debts for the needs shall be benefited and receive the salvation to earn and save for their needs. They receive the training and non formal education sothat they experience the empowerment to read write and do their owm signatures.

Aims and Objectives:

v  To form Women’s Self Help Groups in the target villages,

v  To upgrade the skills and create self-employment opportunity through various Handicrafts making programme;

v  To develop the socio, economic status of the target group women through various handicrafts making activities to keep regular source of income,

v  To mould the target group women as self-sufficient, self-efficient, self-respected, self-confidence, self–support, and self-reliance through the implementation of the project,

v  To introduce the thrift and credit programme among the target group women in order to have a sustainable development and betterment,

v  To improve the living standards of the many needy weaker section women through Revolving Fund.

v  To save the target group women, their children and their old aged parents from hunger death,

v  To protect them from sub-standard and scarce food resulted hap-hazard situation,

v  To root-out the evil producing devil – like social dis-order “Illiteracy” from the Scheduled Rural Society, by conducting Adult Education classes in the target villages,

v  To teach the target group about health, health care and health management,

v  The project will be implemented in 5 villages.  Totally 50 poor women were selected from these villages.

v  The Executive committee Members of our organisation will form 5 Women Self Help Groups in 5 Villages @ 10 women in each group.    We shall appoint one Supervisor-cum-Craft Instructress who knows all the 5 handicrafts making skill.  We shall take 5 accommodations in 5 villages on monthly rental basis.

We will initiate the training programme for 3 Women Groups in the following Handicrafts.

Bamboo Baskets Making :    1 Women Group (10 women)    1 village

Mat Weaving skill                      :     1 Women Group  (10 women)   1 village

Gravel Making Skill                  :    1 Women Group (10 women)    1 village

The training duration will be one month.  The training will be given on the new methods, strategies of the Handicrafts.  After training programme the target group women will involve in production of the above handicrafts on Cooperative basis in their respective villages. We will make the purchase of raw materials, tools and equipments and distribute to these women Groups.  The Handicrafts will be manufactured of different sizes, colours, designs, patterns and types.  There is good demand for the Handicrafts items.  Wholesale dealers and retail dealers; vendors, household families will buy their products.  These women themselves will sell the products directly without involving to any other person and share the net profits equally.

We encourage the beneficiary women for “SAVINGS” activity.  They can save smaller amounts per month according to their feasibilities and possibilities.  These smaller savings can be grown gradually with the nearby Bank.  These savings will be useful at their time of need in future.

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