Project Name: Empowerment Of Rural Poor Women Through Soft Toys   Making And Literacy

Project t goals:

Women participation assuming self employment improving living condition through education and economic development of dalith poor women.

 emporing down trodden women through training and awareness camp.

 improvement of education standard and raunchy school out and school drop out    among dalith community.

 description of the project.:

 This is a continuation of previous project no #2094 implemented with generous support vgif (usa) grant. the project influenced the community and numbers of surrounding villages are approaching us for the similar project. we extend this project to one more village selecting 50 women and 50 domestic girl children to benefit from the same project. the training is imparted to 50 poor women on candle making and education project to the domestic girl children. the training conducted for 3 months and group formed among them. the groups are supported with revolving loan fund to generate the corpus to lend loans to the members to start candle making units. the education classes are conducted for the children in the previous project.

 awareness program

 the villages are created awareness on social economic seenaua. they are motivated to participate in the development process. they will be given proper idea about the past experience. they will taught about the local scenario. they will taught how they are becoming ill-fated and how they can change their lives to a prosperous once. the project director mrs.d.leelevathi will take special interest to cater the same.

 literacy classess

 we appoint qualified teachers (woman) who are illiterates, they will be taught to read and write their names and to do simple arithmetic to cater their needs the literacy classes are conducted for the domestic child labor. the domestic child labor neglected by the parents from education and development.

After funding a successful candle making business initiative last year, VGIF approved funding to RDWWS for a soft toy production and adult literacy project in Yeraguntla, Andhra Pradesh. Twenty-five women and adolescent girls will learn how to make soft toys and attend literacy classes.