Name of the program: Basket Making training program

Supported by: Enfance Tiers Monde (Belgium)


   As our target communities are women, we would like to discuss the women’s social, economic, domestic, cultural, traditional and other aspects of their living conditions. Here it is male dominated society. Here the woman is being exploited since the ages. Here woman is lacking her rightful pleasure of liberty and equality. She has been facing discriminations and being vexed on the basis of gender which has prevented her progress to digress. Unfortunately our local customs and traditions conspired to a large extent with  the women’s economical dependence to make them un-important in the society

   Thus the woman are in the utter need of a helping hand not only for their nourishment but also for her flourishment. On behalf of RDWWS we have conducted social survey and scrutiny and recognised the deplorable situations of the target woman. We had selected 30 of our target beneficiaries, as they are poorest, oppressed, and disadvantaged. They belonged to Schedule Castes and Schedule tribes or downtrodden. Some of them are widows, divorced women and some of them are abandoned. Over all of them are support less. We held closer talks and elaborated discussions with them. We felt shock and surprise to knew about their prevailing dismal situation as follow. They are not in a position to enjoy themselves full-fledged meal thrice or twice or hardly once a day. They are so simpleton that they feel triumphant and exhilarated like a soldier conquered a fierce battle only to achieve a time’s meal. They said that it is a common phenomenon in their routine lives that they may have half filled of bellies almost every day. They are in despair. They are accustomed to drag on the ways being hungry completely or partially due to lack of sustainable income sources. The women’s inherent occupation is “Basket Weaving”. They can exhibit great skills and abilities in the weaving of different sizes and designs of baskets.


  • To provide self-employment scheme of “Basket weaving” to the poor women, so that they can support themselves as well as their families.
  • To save and rehabilitate the poorest women from the wild clutches of hunger death, ill health caused by insufficient nutrition deficient food.
  • To improve their Socio-Economic conditions.
  • To strengthen their basket weaving occupation.
  • To mould up the target people as self confident, self sufficient and self supported manner.
  • To promote collective spirit and joint effect among the target women.
  • To impart unity, equality, togetherness, mutual co-operation.
  • To encourage beneficiaries towards “Thrift and Credit” activities.


Project Area:

  • village   : Akkulayapalli
  • district  : Kadapa
  • Region   : Rayalaseema
  • State     : Andhra Pradesh
  • Country : INDIA



    We appointed one project coordinator on the basis of his qualification and experience. Salary of this coordinator is contributed by organization members. We had taken a building on monthly rental basis in our project location. We took care that the building would be wide and spacious enough to accommodate our project functioning activities.

The next aspect is conducted training cum awareness programme to the beneficiaries for a period of 7 days. Our organization’s main leaders and the coordinator purchased raw materials for proposed Handicraft cradles such as Bamboo sticks, Plastic wire strings, various colors, knives, sharpeners, tools and implements. As the beneficiaries are already possessed the requisite familiarity training with the basket weaving career, training will given to them for a period of one week. The training focused on new designs, latest models, patterns and new developments in the basket weaving. Our target group women are formed into 2 self help groups. Each group members collectively engaged in the production of baskets. The prepared handicrafts were sold on retail and wholesale basis. The group leaders will deal on marketing arrangements and distribute equal shares to all the group members. After leaving the capital investment the profit will be distributed among all the beneficiaries equally. They will gain the outcome on the sales proceeds. They will pacify financially up to the minimum range. Our organization leaders evolve market publicity to boost up the sales of produced articles. We encourage our beneficiaries for “Thrift and credit activities” under small savings schemes with nearby Bank. We ensure counsel and awareness campaigns in respect to ensure life.