CANDLE MAKING PROJECT (An Effort to assure self-employment for Women):

Supported by: VGIF (USA)


  • The primary goal of this objective is that women participatories will be assured  with self EmploymentCande Making
  • By selling finished goods (Candles) the families of downtrodden, neglected widows  must be shown a new horizon of living and developing themselves.
  • Awareness level improves the capabilities of the target group women as a result of the regular meeting and training.
  • To educate the uneducated and ignorant people.



  • The status of the women is renewed, and peace is restored in the lives of the target women.
  • They can be released from the heinous clutches of the local money lenders.
  • Self-confidence must be restored to stand on their own legs, which is necessary for their children who are the future of the nation.
  • Fall in the economic dependences


Project Area:

  • Village     :    Yerraguntla
  • District    :    Kadapa
  • Region     :    Rayalaseema
  • State        :    Andhra Pradesh
  • Country   :    INDIA



Candle MakingWe had selected 25 poor women for the project. We had appointed one instructor to give training in candle making and leadership training  to selected 25 women. Moulds of candles, the wax, colours and other required tools, equipment and raw materials purchased by the organisation. 25 women formed into 5 group containing 5 women in each group. Each group given a turn around fund of Rs.10,000/- (US $217). They had repaid the amount in easy installments. The presence of turn around fund for the development of the members, the women group exaggerated from self confidence. Self respect for women is restored as they need not to go for provocative private money lenders. The training is given for a period of three months. After completion of the training women started production of candles. The women groups themselves sold the candles and shared their profits equally. We had also conducted conducted literacy classes to the illiterate beneficiaries every night for a period of two hours.