Name of the Project: SDPCYCP (Sustainable Development Poor Christian Youth through Carpentry Program)

Supported by: World Development and Relief committee, Methodist Church, Ireland.

Project Area: Yerraguntla (in Kadapa District of Andhra Pradesh)


  • The primary goal of this Project  is that Rural Dalit youth assured  with self Employment and became independent.
  • By selling finished goods the families of the youth must be shown a new horizon of living and developing themselves.
  • Awareness level improves the capabilities of the target group youth as a result of the regular meeting and training.
  • To educate the uneducated and ignorant people.



  • To give skill training in carpentry to the unemployed rural dalit youth.
  • To guide them in self Employment by providing equipment and raw materials (wood, polishing and shining i9tems).
  • To make them able to produce the Carpentry items independently and marketed on Co-operative basis.
  • To avoid the habits of dependency on rich and money lenders.
  • To encourage in saving and raising of revolving fund, continuation of training and production units.
  • To encourage and guide in insuring their shops without fail and renew every year.
  • To create unity among the target group and encourage them to work for the success of this project.



At the outset we appointed an instructor cum project Supervisor on the basis of his qualifications, experience , talents, abilities and qualities in carpentry skill. Our targeted 30 dalit youth formed as three self help groups @ 10 persons in each group.

In the next step we had conducted training cum awareness program to the beneficiaries for a period of 30 days. As the beneficiaries are already possessed the requisites, familiarity with the carpentry one month refreshment training given to them. Training is focused on new developments in the carpentry and other wooden product making activities. During the training RDWWS provided stipend to the beneficiaries to meet the traveling expenses as they are poor, living in around the surrounding rural areas.

After the completion of training we had supplied the required equipments and raw materials to the 3 self help group members to start the carpentry profession under the supervision of instructor. Then the youth prepared products such as wooden benches, cots, glass frames etc.., which are having demand in the local market. This production phase continued for a period of 12 months. RDWWS engaged one sales man on monthly basis. He visits the whole sale shops in the town, and got orders for the wooden products.


The total gross income used as follows:

  • 50% of the total gross income will be kept as seed grant to continue the production work.
  • The beneficiaries will share 25% of total gross income equally, for their live hood.
  • 20% of the total gross income is deposited in the nationalized Bank On Beneficiaries name as saving fund.
  • 5% of the gross income is used for the marketing, transport and group meetings and administrative purpose.

      The Beneficiaries continued the Carpentry work on group basis, continuously on cooperative basis. They had met twice in a month to discuss about the progress and other issues. All the stock details,  including  sales, expenditure and savings amount will be mentioned in the register by the RDWWS representative.

During the project implementation period, we also conducted Awareness programmes on various issues like Health, & Hygiene, Environmental Protection, Importance of Nutrition Food, Legal Awareness, Thrift & Credit, Social Awareness, Family Planning, Bad effects of social evils as Dowry, Alcoholism, Child Marriages, Tobacco etc.,