Project name: Empowerment of Christian Poor and Destitute Rural Women Through Dairy Development Occupation”

Aided by:

Unidos Contra el Hambre
Arquidiócesis de San Juan de Puerto Rico
Central America.

Duration: 21st September 2009 – 20th Septembet 2010


ü  To provide sustainable income sources to the penurious, needy and suffering Christian women with the “Dairy Development Scheme”.

ü  To encourage the target beneficiaries towards cumulative activities as small scale thirfting which them thrilling help at the time of their needs in order to make their feeble living aspects frugal and feasible.

ü  To strive for the probability of imperturbability of their living conditions.

ü  To ameliorate their socio-economic conditions.

ü  To improve the living standards of the Christian target people.

ü  To make the target people self-reliable in mutual and perpetual manner.

ü  To legitimate the indebtedness and insolvency problems the target people.

ü  To invigorate and develop their Dairy Development unit gradually so that it will be helpful to more number of beneficiaries.

Organization of Self Help Groups: –

We will organize “Self Help Groups” with our Christian beneficiaries women with one week so that they can discuss their problems with mutual co-operation and co-ordination and attain suitable solutions.

They maintain their occupations. They have their own rights and authorities to take decisions regarding their career. They have their own powers to implement their decision in mutual coalition. For this item we need not required amount from UCH.


A training programme will be adapted to the beneficiaries for stipulated periods of 7 days on the scientific methods of Animal Husbandry, Education, New methods, latest technology of rearing she buffaloes, their health care and environmental education.

For this purpose  we need an amount of INR.8,750 from U.C.H.

Milking and selling:

The target beneficiaries will milk from the she buffaloes individually. The project co-coordinator will collect all the milk from all the 25 beneficiaries to our stipulated center every day and market it by transporting to the hotels in the town both in the morning and evening. We will use milk cans.  The target beneficiaries will also produce the various milk products as butter, ghee, curd, buttermilk etc.,  By selling the same our poor women will get sufficient income and live peacefully and meet their basic needs as food, clothes, shelter etc.,


Þ      The target group women own the project.

Þ      The maintain and develop it.

Þ      They have their own voice in the decision making process of the project.

Þ      They will become self-supportive by the time the project ends officially.

Þ      The equality treatment between men and women is ensured.

The Project Co-coordinator will maintain all the records, files, bills and vouchers of the economics of the projects. He will keep the record in a accurate manner up to date always ready to face any kind of higher authorities verification.

We will hold meetings and Get-Togethers with project staff and organisation staff to do evaluation.   We will send all the required periodical reports like progress reports, performance reports constrains and solutions reports etc., to the philanthropic donor agency “U.C.H., Central America” in a perfect manner.