Title of the project : Educational Materials for the poor  children

Project Location: Entire Adoni region, Kadapa Disrtrict and some parts of Mehaboob nagar.

Start Date: 18-09-2009

Aided By : ANNE FRANK-Fonds  Switzerland.


The target people are poor, illiterate and ignorant of the latest advancement in this Hi-Tech society. These rural folk are superstitious and orthodoxy. In many rural areas the ancient methods of sacrifice is being implemented to please their locally personified Gods and Goddesses. Some of the villages sacrifice ram-lambs he-buffaloes, goats, and even the children (spinsters) in order to pacify and satisfy their village deities as they presumed. It is still astonishing to note that in some villages still the social evil custom is practiced that there are certain tribes that they offer their first born female baby to the deities. These people are divided into four categories as Jogins, Devasis, Baswins and Mathangis. Among these tribes Devasis is a peculiar one. This category community comes under the scheduled caste marked untouchables by the upper caste society. Even today they can not enter the temple and worship the god or goddess. They have to stand outside and worship the gods and goddesses. The priest does not allow even their shadow into the premises of the shrines.

But to our surprise, the same so-called upper class community encourages and insists on this community people to offer their first born female baby to the Gods in order to reach the Kingdom of the God as they believe superstitiously. The upper caste including the priest enforce these down trodden communities to follow the ancient method which is known as traditional one which protects the entire villagers from the evil-spirits.  When the girl attains the maturity state physically, the high caste people, temple priest and all the villagers would arrange marriage of the Devasis, Jogins, Mathangis just matured minor girl with the deity.

Yes! It is a marriage with the stone made deity of the lively and lovely virgin girl who is also a human being. This function will be celebrated devotionally with sincere commitment and make their function with grand success.

At that time, the bride girl may be minor may be early aged, may be too young to marry as at the age of 12 or 13 or 14. She has no other option than to become a bride, may be the bride groom is invisible as may be it is just a belief of God. Even though her fundamental human rights are violated she has to be dumb just like a doll.

This poor helpless victimizing girl has to be mute of all these inhuman activities, and bear silently whether she is willing this religious custom or not. After the marriage function is completed, the national day will be arranged with the high priest of the temple. In this regard no age bar is considered. He may be of the grand father’s age. The bride is only of his grand daughter age. After the first night is over she becomes the village property. Though she is treated as an untouchable socially by the high caste people, the lustful desire of the sex of these male persons, there is no care for the untouchability only at that intercourse time.

She has to obey and fulfill the sexual desires of all village male people irrespective of caste, creed and religion on free of cost. If any one pays simple sum as may be little penny, old used up clothes, same like bed sheets, quilt, mat, silver utensils etc. just like alms she should accept it, She should not demand for the satisfaction of sexual desire of the people. She is free to move anywhere and sleep with any body without any restriction and fear. The covetous male bed partner of the night or time may be healthy or sick or may be even hidden H.I.V sufferer. She has no right to inquire even though her personal safety and health is at risk. It is in-human and pitiable.

Gradually she will become a sex-worker in the distant places of the rural and urban for her survival. The caste structure and superstitions play very mischievous role in the name of the religion and the God. These people are treated with much dishonor and humiliation. It is certainly a clear break of the Human Rights.

The Government has provided many privileges for these so-called down-trodden people. And irony of the situation is such that the constitutional proclamations are to a very large extent have become nearly confined to the papers only. In spite of many interventions for prevention, law enforcement, rescue and rehabilitation, there does not appear to have been much impact on the prevalence of commercial sexual exploitation of women and the children.

Their children are treated as nobody’s children in the society. They do not have any social recognition as they do not have father. No body now to whom they were born. Even their mothers can not answer this question if any child asks for his/her father. This sort of situation afflicts and despises them to an unimaginable dimension. The living conditions of these children are bewailing. They are treated in the society in demeaning manner. Their human rights are exploited. They are not having the common human facilities.  They are lacking proper minimum range meal, nutrition, health care, hygiene, education, skills establishment and the other common amenities.

Some of these religious prostitutes may abandon their new-borns though it is hurting because none cares to support them. They are not able to help their survival.


 We conducted the series of Surveys, we conducted Pre-Motivation campaigns and we collected the concern data of the Jogins. We are conducting Basic Education, Non-Formal Education and Skill development Programmes in the target area of Adoni, Kurnool District, Andhra Pradesh, India to the Jogins women, Jogins youth girls and the Children as boys and girls for bringing forth the Reformation in their consciousness.