Name of the Project: Study Material for the dis-privileged Children


Supported by: ontario teachers’ federation, Canada

Status: Successfully Completed

Project Area: YERRAGUNTLA (in Kadapa District of Andhra Pradesh)


Many of the children are belonging to the socio-economic backward classes and minority sections. They are below poverty line children. We have identified the following problems for their above un-desirous aspects.


  • Poverty of their parents,
  • Lack of sustainable income resources to their families.
  • Rural Indebtedness and Insolvency of the parents.
  • Lack of proper Awareness and Education,
  • Lack of proper Guidance and Counseling,
  • Migration,
  • Frequent droughts,
  • Non-fetching situation of the Agriculture crops etc.

otf1 Many working class people are going for labour work. Their children are also going for the labour work. It is due to the problem of survival and their individual families maintenance that this social dis-order of Child Labour is causing. Now we are maintaining A Day Study Centre for the above-mentioned children in Yerraguntla. Total numbers of the children in our Day School are 58.

We are in want of the study material for the sake of the poor and needy children under our care.  The books, stationery, study material etc., are to be supplied to the children free of cost with the help of grant supported by OTF.