Donor agency : Australian Consulate General, Chennai

Duration: 08.03.2012 to 07.03.2013

Project Area : Yerraguntla

Project Description:

The 30 women are working collectively on cooperative basis in the kitchen garden riaisng activity..  These women are working themselves to harvest the crop yields when the same get ready to the productive state and help themselves to get the produces.  The beneficiaries working themselves to apply insecticides to the crops protecting from the virus different kinds of pestilences.

The beneficiaries farmers are using Vermin-compost to their crops, because  Vermin-compost is nutriently effective enough for qualitative and well-improved growth of different types of crops.  It strengthens the crops.  It improves immunity and resistance power of the crops.  It is profitable for the farmers.  More over it results in the produces of tasty food items.         It improves fertility of the cultivate lands, It improves productivity of the crop yields.  It improves the sustainability of the farmers families, socially, economically and from other aspects. Vermin culture is farmer friendly and Eco-friendly.  It is worthy of action orientation.  The buyers are also showing preferences to those vegetables which are used vermin-compost, instead of using chemicals.


They themselves working to irrigate their fields, sell their produces at the reasonable prices and the other many kinds of work patterns.


During the second 6 months these women were cultivated the vegetables crops Groundnut, Tomatoes, Green chillies, varied leafy vegetables.  These women were got good crops yielding. These women are selling their vegetables themselves and sharing their net profits equally.  Each woman is earning about INR.6000 per month from this activity which is quite sufficient for their family livelihood.

The members of RDWWS are supervising the project activities regularly.  During the project activities implementation 2 members viz., Mr.Gijs and Mrs.Lotte from The Indian Rose Foundation, Octopusstraat 11, 6631 CA Horssen, The Netherlands were visited our organisation activities.  These 2 members were came to our sister organisation namely Agape Foundation situated at Yerraguntla.  While their visit to Agape Foundation, Yerraguntla these 2 members were also observed our project activities and satisfied with our efforts.

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