Project title: awareness creation on health development in rural areas (sf- 010215 ).

Project area: 5 villages of yerraguntla mandal

Aim :

It is to provide basic necessity of medical assistance and conducting awareness programme with the help of village elders, and mahila mandals through charts, street play, awareness songs, video show etc., to the poor victims in a right time.

ü  This project will promote the health conditions of the rural women and children in the area on a community basis,

ü  The rural people will get knowledge about how to protect their health and to follow the preventive methods,

ü  This project will protect the women and children for small diseases and upgrade the medical conditions through the health education,

ü  The  infants mortality rate will be reduced  and it will guard the post and anti-natal women in the area.

Objectives :

  • To aware people about the diseases, hepatitis and other serious diseases and infections, which have only the preventive measures.
  • To protect the poor from serious and contagious diseases.
  • To provide health services for mother and child anti-natal, pre-natal and post-natal womens care.

 Action plan : 

Medicines alone will never help the patients to be a fit person. So, doctor’s check-up once in 10 days and the field staff visit of the a.n.m. Trained nurses, supervision is very important.

Health as a human right and challenge.  In order to have absolute treatment to get rid from t.b. And other diseases doctor must play a great role.  Patients must be treated under his care, and then only they get improvement in their health and become physically sound and active.

To educate them in sanitation and surrounding cleanliness, one trained a.n.m. Nurse is very necessary for these 10 villages.  She will teach in the villages about health, hygiene and the usage of medicines etc., and formal education to the children of the

Health education:

We will conduct seminars on health and sanitation in the villages once in 3 months.  The nurse, health worker and the resources persons will deal with the following diseases and explain to them to overcome them.

  • Malnutrition.
  • Vitamins deficiency
  • Vitamin ‘b’ ‘e’ ‘d’
  • Axiboflavinosis
  • Anamea weakess.
  • Miacin deficiency.

During the seminar we deal with the following things too.  What are the causes for the diseases and why do they effect the persons.

  • Contact transmission
  • Vehicle transmission milk, food, water etc.,
  • Victor transmission, files mosquito, insects bite etc.,
  • Air born transmission.
  • Lack of nutritious food, unhygienic lack of ventilation and poor housing facilities.


The evaluation will be divided into two phases one is internal and another is external evaluation conducted twice in a year.

 internal evaluation :

the beneficiaries, staff and the executive committee members would conduct this evaluation.  During the course of evaluation all merit and demerits will be discussed at length and chalkiest the future course of project implementation effectively and successfully.  Half yearly progress report and statement of accounts will be prepared and submit the same to the donor agency for their information and suggestion for further improvement of the project.

 external evaluation : the same members would conduct this evaluation at end of the year in the presence of consultant/monitoring officer, especially deputed by the donar agency.  All financial voucher bills, documents, will be thoroughly scrutinized and prepare annual porogress report and audited statement of accounts duly signed by an authorized chartered accountant.  The same will be submitted to the donor agency will be requested to extend the similar services to some more villages who are trailing behind for the want of basic health amenities.

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