Project Title: Income Generation Programme for the Poor Women through Food Items & Juices Vending Occupation

 Aided by:  Tavola Valdese, Italy.

 project duration :  one year (from 30-09-2009)

  project area          :

  Country                  :        India

 State                      :        Andhra Pradesh

District                    :        Kadapa

Area                       :        Yerraguntla & Proddatur.

 Aims and objectives : 

 (1)          To impart training to the selective rural women especially the Backward/Downtrodden/weaker class women in the preparation of tasty, healthy, nutrient valued, unadultured, pure, fresh, hygienic various kinds/varieties of fruits juices, vegetables juices, vegetables juices, for example: Apple, Pine apple, Grapes, Oranges, bananas, limes, sapota, Mango, cucumber, water-melon as per the availability of seasonal.

(2)          To promote entrepreneurship in this way through transfer of technology for processing of food products by utilizing locally grown raw materials and providing handsome experience at such production cum Training phase in the target area,

(3)          To provide self-employment and income generation to the target women through various food juices production unit,

(4)          To impart entrepreneur training to the selective people so that they could eke out livelihood independently.

(5)          To provide regular source of income generation for the poor women belonging to the downtrodden section.

(6)          To improve Thrift and credit schemes,

(7)          To impart Health Education at the Primary Health care level.

(8)          To ensure sanitary setup,

(9)          To undertake anti-pollution measure

(10)       To mitigate rural indebtedness problem.


Total Number of the target beneficiaries = 25 rural poor women (Families)

At the beginning of the proposed project programme, a Project Coordinator will be selected for the overall maintenance of the project programme in coordination with the organization personnel as well as the project beneficiaries, the project Coordinator would be of good experience and talent.

The selective beneficiaries will be given training on the skill development of how to prepare various kinds of fruits juices, various varieties of vegetables juices according to the methodological procedure, for 10 days at Kadapa by senior experts.  The juices/produces would be pure.  No adulteration will be there.  They would be of better taste and better quality as well as healthy without any artificial chemicals.  Fresh juices will be provided.  Cleanliness is ensured.  These units will be set up in the sanitary place.

The beneficiaries will be provided with the supporting Grant enabling them to set up their own income generation units of different varieties of fruits and vegetables.  With this financial help they will buy the manual handling machinery as crushing devices, electrical running mixies, Grinders glasses for drinking of the juices, vessels as bowls, buckets, etc., Raw material of essential commodities as sugar, salt, milk, honey, various kinds of fruits as Apples, pine apples, Grapes, Oranges, Lemon, Bananas, seasonally sapota, Mango, Water-melon, cucumber, dates, essences, etc., Different kinds of vegetables as carrots, beat roots, Tomatoes, pumpkins, leafy vegetables etc., Ice is also needed.

They buy these raw items fresh on wholesale rate in the District Head Quarter, Kadapa.   These items are imported from the city Bangalore and many of these items are grown locally as indigenous varieties by the Agricultural farmers.  The beneficiaries will prepare a push cart made of wood to set up this trade.  The required outer structure will be made up.  The tires would be of bi-cycles.  The proposed items are demand worthy in the local areas. The common poor people are not afford themselves to buy them because they are costly in hotels, restaurants and shops.  Middle class people also rarely afford to buy them, for the below poverty line people drinking the juices is luxurious.

The demand and market will be greatly enhanced during summer.  Not only during summer and also most probably all through the year it is hot and dry climate.  People want coolness almost all the year except during 3-4 months of winter season.  The children, adolescents are more interested in the juices.

 The people prefer juices than the cool drinks, which are artificially industrially made up with the chemicals and other ingredients.  The juices makers need electricity for their Mobile juices making units.  They can get connection from the local shopkeeper on separate electricity meter.  It is push-cart Mobile juices vending unit that can be mobilized from place to place.  They can go to the place where there are more sales that is more feasible.


For each of the beneficiary a supporting grant of Rs.5000/- will be given under this project programme through the requested and expected project grant amount.

To this Rs.5000/- each of the beneficiary will add Rs.1000/- as of their own individual contribution.  This amount is meant for the setting up of their own income generation programme of various food items juices. They will repay this amount in simple and easy instalments as per their convenience.

The recollected amount will be recycled to the new beneficiaries.  In this way the expected one time grant has long lasting rejuvenate turnover for the benefit of more and more unemployed poor persons for their welfare.


The beneficiary’s problems of poverty and unemployment will be solved through the provision of the income generation of various fruits and vegetables juices extraction and selling.

  • Their poverty will be mitigated.  Sufferings will be legitimated.
  • Their dependency will be relieved up to the level of sustainability.
  • Their socio-economic living conditions will be improved.
  • The people’s part of health will be bettered,
  • The poor people will be able to have the soft juices at quite reasonable price.
  • And many other benefits.

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