Name of the Project : Mat Weaving Programme for Poor Rural Women’s Self-Development

Supported by: FRED Foundation

Duration: 03-1-2009 to 03-01-2010


(a) Country       :           India

(b) State          :           Andhra Pradesh

(c) District        :           Kadapa

(d) Mandal        :           B.Kodur

(e) Village         :         Amugampalli village



  1. To improve the beneficiaries with sustainable occupation of mat weaving scheme,
  2. To develop their socio-economic conditions,
  3. To protect these poorest women from the moribund state of the utter poverty and perishibility,
  4. To enlighten latent talents and skills as per the will,
  5. To inculcate sense of congenial rapport and support mutually,
  6. To encourage them towards “Thrift and Credit
  7. To impart Health Education and Environment Consciousness,
  8. To develop their mat weaving occupation as perennial with individual care of meticulousness



At the outset we will appoint a Skilled Worker of Mat weaving considering his experience, seniority, skills, talents and abilities for the purpose of training and consequent supervisory work.

We will make the purchase of 15 hand looms, Jamboo sticks, nylon threads and colors etc., We will initiate the training program under the maintenance of the Mat Weaving Instructress (Skilled worker) for a period of  ten days.  The beneficiaries have got familiarity with the mat-weaving career.  So the short-term training can do to them.  The training will be lasted on the new modern and latest designs, patterns and innovations etc., The methods of smooth weaving, perfect weaving, various attractive designs, etc., can be taught to the beneficiaries.  Durability of the mats can also be considered.  Preference can also be given to manufacture the high quality of mats.  Mixing of various colors in order to make up the new kinds of attractive appearance can also be taking place as per the taste and aptitude of the customers.  The mats will be manufactured of different sizes, colors, designs, pattern and types.  There is a good demand for the above-mentioned products.  Shop owners, vendors are there to marketwise these products. We will evolve market publicity for effective sales of the products. We will encourage our beneficiaries for thrift and credit activities under Small savings scheme by the nearby Post Office or Bank.  We will encourage our target beneficiaries with Adult Literacy Program for 2 hours per day during night times.  In the same process we will create Health and sanitary awareness among the target women.  We will impart Environmental awareness too.