Project Area: YERRAGUNTLA (in Kadapa District of Andhra Pradesh)


  • To provide initial support to the poor and distressed women, who known the preparation of the different verities of pickles.
  • To organize the needy, disadvantaged and distressed women for the socio-economic change and development
  • To create enthusiasm among the target women for their deep involvement in the decision and policy making towards the betterment of the fellow community.
  • To provide an opportunity to the target group for initiation of the development strategies for the lower income groups.
  • To establishment savings and credit unions.
  • To encourage the poor marginalized women to become self-sufficient through this income generating activity.




The target group women are drawn from the lower strata of the society where influenced caste people dominate and rule them. Poverty is the main drawback found in almost all the families. The unemployment and seasonal income do not satisfy their daily requirements. Illiteracy and ignorance in these areas always suppress them and stunt their development in all respects. Even family planning measures are also not accepted by them due to their illiteracy, ignorance and superstitions conditions. Therefore they develop big families that are difficult to maintain. They are almost slaves and bonded labors. The target group conditions are much lower and primitive in all aspects. Their conditions do not give a desired result for development, because they lack awareness. A criterion for the empowerment of these ignored people is not yet fully planned by any Department.


Most of the people are working as agricultural labourers controlled by higher caste landlords. The climate favors them only for a limited time in agriculture. Their least earnings as laborers will not be sufficient for their basic life. The rural poor, particularly women, who do not have support and are the worst suffers due this irregular income. Our voluntary organization organized for the social change. But we are unable to start the income generation activities. Even the Government Department also is not willing to help the needy because of the terms and conditions for the sanction of assistance as fixed by the apex agencies. People, who do not have anything, would not get any assistance from anybody else.

We mobilized for the socio-economic change. But the problem is to find right donor to support these women groups, which enable them to start the pickles making. This activity is most suitable for the target group women. After reviewing all their all conditions, we made a conclusion to approach your esteemed agency, to support the needy women group to take up the pickle making activity, which make the rural poor women group to become self-sufficvent.


The government Body of our organization, made discussion with the local people and together approved the plan for this process of the proposed activity. 30 women beneficiaries will be divided in to 3 Groups with 10 members in each Group. These 30 women are the direct beneficiaries of the programme.

We appoint an instructor who can give training to the women beneficiaries in the pickle making activity. We take a building on monthly rent basis in our project location and conduct training for a period of a month. After training period we shall supply the required equipments and raw material to our target group to start the pickle making work under the supervision of instruction. Then, the women group will prepare pickles of various kinds like tomato pickle, mango Pickle, Lime pickle, Chilies Pickle etc., this production phase will be continued for a period of 11 months. This period will be useful for the beneficiary as particulars to their training. Our organization will engage one salesman on monthly salary basis. He will visit the wholesale shops, retail shops, households etc., and get the orders for the Pickles. The total gross income will be as follows:

i.            50% of the total gross income will be kept as Seed Grant to continue the production work,

ii.            the beneficiaries will share 25% of total gross  income equally, for the their livelihood,

iii.            20% of the total gross income will be deposited in the Bank on Beneficiaries name as saving fund,

iv.        5% of the total gross income will be used for the marketing, Transport, group meetings and administration purpose.


So the beneficiaries will continue the pickle making work on group basis, continuously on cooperative basis. They will meet twice in month to discuss about the progress details and other issues and problems pertaining to the women development and their empowerment. The representative of our organization will mention all the stock details, including sales and expenditure, savings amount in the register.

We conduct Awareness Generation programme on various issues like Health, Hygiene, Environment protection, importance of Nutrition food, Legal awareness, thrift & Credit, Social Awareness, Family planning, Bad effects of social evils as Dowry, Alcoholism, Child marriages, Tobacco etc., we will conduct one Awareness camp once in month.


We are requesting the financial support for the first year only. Then, the project will be continued with the income gained the process of sales. It will be continued even after the grant ending with the profits and sales that are gained in the project. Other women also benefit economically to start income generating activity through this project revolving fund. The saving will be utilized as revolving fund.



The Governing Body of the Organization along with the likeminded people of the Government will do Monitoringand evaluation. We welcome the representative of donor agency to monitor this project. Our organization committee will do quarterly Evaluation and such reports submit to the donor agency to judge and measure the progress of the project. Financial statements of the expenditure duly verified and signed by the Auditor also sent to the donor agency to study the financial details of the project sanctioned by the esteemed agency.