Name of the project: Education & technical training programme (plumbing skill) and Education for the orphan of 15 to 18 years age.

 Funding Agency : 1% for Development Fund Vienna Austria

 Project location:


Cuddapah district

Andhra Pradesh


aims and objectives of the project:

  • To provide the 20 target orphan children of 15 to 18 years age Vocational Training course i.e., PLUMBING SKILL for their future opportunities of Self-employment and self-development,
  •  To provide the target children with minimum essential needs of Nutrition food, clothing, shelter primarily
  • To treat the children with fondle care love and affection,
  • To foster All Round Encouragement to the proposed orphan children psychologically, socially, physically, morally, literally and to evolve their personality development
  • To give proper education for the target orphan children
  • To mould the children up as Self-confident, self-respective and self-sustainable
  • To inculcate good habits and good characteristic features, discipline, etiquettes in the consciousness of the children to lay sound internal seeding impact.

 Manner of implementation:

 At the outset we appoint a Project Coordinator-cum-Instructor on the basis of his qualification, experience, talents, abilities and qualities in the Plumbing Skill.  He will be held with the entire responsibility of the conduct of the programme.

 We take a building on monthly rent basis in our project location.  The next aspect is conducting Plumbing training to the Orphan young children for a period of 6 months.

 The target group 20 orphan young children will be provided food during project implementation i.e., for six months, as they are orphan children.  20 target orphan children will be divided into 2 batches @ 10 members per each group.  The training class will be conducted morning and afternoon sessions.

 The required tools and material like piping rinches, screwing spanners of different sizes, Drilling machines, PVC water pipes, G.I.  Pipes of various sizes, Pipe Nipples of various sizes, screwdrivers of various sizes, different sizes of couplings and other materials will be purchased for the use in the training programme.

 The target orphan young children will learn how to do household and building plumbing, fitter and water pipe line work.

 This trade is daily useful to the people.  So there is good demand for the Plumbers.  There will be no problem to our target young orphan children to do Plumbing work as they are young children of age between 15 to 18 years.

 sustainability of the project:

 After training period of 6 months, the target orphan group teenagers will do house hold and building plumbing, fitter and water pipe line work independently. Our organization members will help them to secure loan from Bank or purchasing required Tool kit. If necessary, our organization volunteers will also extend their help to find out the job works of plumbing, as this plumbing work is daily useful to the people. These is good demand for plumbers. Hence our target group orphan teenagers will live independently a sustainable peaceful life.

 The tools and materials, which purchase during initial stage with the grant of your 1% development fund, will keep with our organization. Our organization members will extend their contributions. Our volunteers will raise donations from the local philanthropic rich people that is industrialist, government Employees Church Parishioners, landlords by showing the progress of the project. After 6 months onwards we will continue the project by giving admission to the other orphan young teenagers from other villages. In this way the project will be continued further.

 Expected results:

 1)    Ensured safety of the orphan young children,

2)    Ascertained orphan young children’s well being,

3)    Protection of the vulnerability prone orphan young children,

4)    Saved career and future life of children,

5)    Access of education, Discipline, culture, character, Health and Medical care

n  And to other common facilities.

6)    Motivated community phenomenon in respect of child welfare attitudes,

7)    Restored peace, happiness and child natural playful, jovial and frolic aspects of the children as natural childhood.

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