Name of the Project: Primary Health and Education as well as other Development activities for the Bonded Child Laborers

Supported by:

 Duration: 11-06-2009 to 11-06-2010

 Project Area: 

  • Area     : Yerraguntla Town
  • Mandal: Yerraguntla
  • District: Kadapa
  • State    : Andhra Pradesh
  • Country: India


  • Freeing-up from the Child Labour and set-right of freedom,
  • Primary Education,
  • Skill development training,
  • Health and Medical care.
  • Nutrition every day.
  • Common facilities.
  • Consequently many of their other problems as un-health, no schooling, un-education, unawareness etc will be solved.
  • To make them up as self-confident.
  • To ensure unity and integration.
  • To promote coalition working track.
  • To make them participate in various welfare programmes.
  • To make emphatic counselling on the protection and promotion of the child human rights.


Brief Description:

The improved health, basic education, skill development, for the child labours will certainly have a positive impact on the people’s mind, body, spirit, living conditions, development aspects and follow-up action etc. The target people as the freed child labourers, their parents and family members will be motivated of taking self-care themselves for the protection of their individual Rights.  They will acquire basic knowledge of Human Rights System.  It is acquired within a short period of one year and it will be long sustainable on long run. Various kinds of child labour concern problems will be solved. The attention of the Government bodies will be attracted towards this area..  The other people will also observe the project activities and get motivated themselves. The poor Child Labour children will be liberated, Reformed, Rehabilitated and Mainstreamed after one year.